Who is Tom Brown?

From Information Technology to Real Estate Sales....Pardon?

Tom Brown did not start out in Real Estate Sales, in fact, "sales" was always an area that he stayed away from. The main reason being is that he didn't like salespeople. He found them too pushy and really had no time for them. "Many a sales person who knocked on my door, found themselves withing they never had after i got through with them (scouts, school, and team sports, and some others were excluded, of course)"

No, I spent many years in Information Technology travelling to many, many, companies in North America (and the Bahama's in the winter, of course!) to install software systems and to provide training. No sales for me. No way!

So when I decided to finish up with IT, I spent many months trying to figure out what I was going to do and oddly enough, enough people advised me to go into Real Estate, that I decided to give it a try. Initially I thought it would just be a 10 day course and voila, I'd be selling real estate! But no, not the case. It took about 9 months to complete all of the required courses and write all of my exams.

To make a long story short, here I am. In Sales and loving it! People are soooo interesting and I love taking care or their wants and needs. It's the "Service" part of me that I've been able to transfer from my many years in the Information Technology industry and over into Real Estate. Do your job and do it well and it doesn't matter what field you are in!